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Customer Feedback in Aug 2022

December 20, 2022 GMike

Customer Feedback in Aug 2022

Ryan G. Feedback: I purchased my Gforce for fun. My girlfriend saw me having fun and asked to ride it. Within minutes she had to have one. Not only did we get nice discounts on each scooter, we acquired a new hobby. Now on Saturdays we go all over town. The park we frequent is 12 miles one direction and the distance in no problem. We always have a blast! Not only do we get to see things we normally wouldn't see in a car, we can stop for drinks and lunch, we never have to search for a parking spot!  The best part is we're  over 50 years old doing things kids do!! We frequent different cities looking at rich neighborhoods. We always do the downtown areas as well. Stopping at museums, restaurants we even took them to Las Vegas and rode threw the casinos. I left my car keys in her truck. Just happened to have a doctor's appointment that day. No problem there. Get on the scooter and have a blast going to not such a fun place. A bicycle lock threw the front tire and lock it to anything! I love my Gforce scooter and have had 3 family members tell us at Xmas there getting on board in the fun. Now we're making it a family affair. Thank you GForce we LOVE our Scooters and being a part of the GForce family. . My scooter has 456 miles on it and rides like a champ!


James L. Feedback: Hi I’m James. After much research I purchased an T-42. It arrived quickly and assembly was a breeze. Only thing was fender was scratched during shipping which customer service took care of it. I’ve putting on as many miles as I have time. Really enjoining the ride. Very happy with my buying decision and experience. Looking forward to do more rides when I travel with it.


Johnny W. Feedback: We love our G-force T42 we bought it in June and have already 200 miles on it, only thing I’d like to see is a full parts page everything on that bike is special as far as parts so it’s not like we can go to ace hardware and grab a new set of pedals or any other part we looked for days for parts couldn’t find nothing finally emailed the company and had to order part that way  i’d just think it be easier if there would be a parts page where you can individually order the parts yourself without having to go through contacting customer support otherwise company is top notch bike is as expected if not better we love ours!!!! 


Matt S. Feedback: A quick note to say I’m enjoying my G-Force bike.  It crossed the St.Lawrence river with me and I enjoy island hopping with it. 

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Vélo électrique pliant G-FORCE T42 Fat Tire

Vélo électrique pliant G-FORCE T42 Fat Tire


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