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Electric Revolution

I really liked the T42, it's got a killer speed, and gnarly acceleration for such an affordable bike, it really surprised me and was the best performing bike in this price range yet.

MTN Weekly

The bike seems to do best though riding with traffic as it’s incredibly quick at starting and stopping.  This is one of the e-bikes you ought to be wearing a helmet when riding as well your basically on a motorcycle classified as a class 3 e-bike.


The ZM is a cool-looking wheeler that seems solid enough to handle any terrain and riding conditions. 48V/20Ah/960Wh battery pack that gives you increased ranges of 60 to 80 miles (96 to 128 km).

Bike the Sites

Overall, this is an excellent option for those looking for an electric bike that is both powerful and easy to use. Whether you plan on using this bike for commuting or recreational cycling, we highly recommend it.